2019 | Fiction | 18 min. | Russia | 12+

17-year-old small town girl is going to a music contest in Moscow. Having missed the only regular bus, she is trying to get to Moscow on a sightseeing bus. For this she needs to scam everyone, deal with local hooligans and manage a tour that passengers are waiting for. Will she cope with it and get to the contest on time?

Directors Statement

On creation of the movie I was inspired: musical composition of the Russian group of brass instruments "1/2 Orkestra - Worm Dance" and initial desire to try the hand in the Comedy genre. This melody engendered an image of "Bus" in the movie, and desire to create comedies only amplified. Numerous trips around the remote regions of Russia, my observations and communication with young people and girls who in our computer century are full of ambitions in realization of the creative Dream, without wishing will reconcile to the daily sad reality surrounding them, are forced to go behind the Dream to big cities. Impressions of personal observations and communication during the trips, formed the basis of a generalized character of the main character Snezhana. When choosing the actress for a role Snezhana, that she was young was important, a little angular, direct, simple-minded and had good vocal skills. Snezhana's history is close to me, and I also as my heroine believe that Dreams come true even when it is difficult, even when none of people around trust and "twirl by a finger" at a temple. The bus and its passengers are a real life. Some go deep into Russia in search of "unique Russian spirit", with desire to see monuments of architecture, the Russian architecture, "to be cultivated", and without noticing others around all this beauty, dream to leave somewhat quicker from there. In a basis of the movie and a scene of the events in the bus, real events from my observations are put during the trips.

Director: Ira Kopyova

Producer: Sergei Valerievich

Сast: Polina Shelepova and Ekaterina Ilyina