Don’t Let / PRAVIL'NYY


2023 | Fiction | 14 min. | Russia | 18+

An invisible spectator witnesses a highway accident and forces the culprit into a fateful duel.

Directors Statement

A small amount of people chosen by the time was lucky enough to become the founders of cinema, and to create a form of storytelling physically inaccessible to literature and theater - visual images mounted together. Over time, literature, theater and cinema finally got crossed. And what can be done today with that original form? What will be the kind of plot that can’t exist either in literature or in the theater, but only in the form of visual images mounted together without any words? That’s my offer.

Director: Rustam Bekmuratov

Producer: Rustam Bekmuratov

Сast: Nikolai Kiselev, Natalia Kiseleva and Alexey Savchenko