2019 | Fiction | 3 min. | Russia

I will stay all alone if you gone So attractive, and pretty and young! But you stare in a modern journal And don't see love carnival! Come and twist me up! Come and charm me up! Put a spell, lose my way, Take away, twist me up! I know storm in your heart Rage with fiery passion So what's wrong with your face? Why it shows no expression? And I know all that is a lie So my darling you have to try Just come to me close and look up And just say... No, just twist me up! So take off your indiferent mask What the icy contempt let me ask? I will stay all alone if you gone So attractive and pretty and young!

Director: Lika Lipskaya

Producer: Lika Lipskaya

Сast: Sergey Guzeev and Lika Lipskaya