2018 | Fiction | 20 min. | Russia | 18+

Once upon a time there lived Ivan Ivanovich, but that was tough luck… Did he really exist? Yes, he did. Was he or was not he – that is a question. He could find himself nowhere. He did not find himself in love, profession, in general. By chance, Ivan Ivanovich got to know that there was an opportunity to go and try to find himself somewhere on another planet from the television … Ivan Ivanovich thought a bit and flew.

Directors statement

This touching story narrates about purposelessness of our existence. We are roaming round, making the same mistakes over and over again, not realizing that we are dragging an inordinate load of ourselves everywhere. I want the viewers of the movie to experience the perception of the deadlock the main character gets in, to fall to the abyss of inactivity and apathy together with him, to ask themselves: What Am I doing with my life? Where Am I going to? What Should I do with myself to find what Ivan Ivanovich is looking for on every next planet. It is tremendously important for me.

Director: Oleg Khristolyubsky

Producer: Ada Pelagia Solvich

Сast: Dmitry Mulyar, Elena Vovnenko, Leon Slovitsky, Ekaterina Friss, Roman Vorontsov and Anton Denisov

Studio: Ltd Kinopticum