2020 | Fiction | 60 min. | Russia

Two brothers meet at their mother's funeral after years of not talking to each other. They broke off contact after the older one attacked and caused scarred two people for life. Now he lives off real estate scams which is revealed at the wake. It's a chance for younger one to avenge himself but that means destroying his brother.

Directors statement

The power of family patterns in shaping our lives has always been fascinating to me. This film explores the strength it takes to break free from them. If our childhood predestines so much, is any of us really free to do what we want? Yet it is not a family drama but a noir film, gripping and ahead of its audience at every moment. It shows that demons from the past and dark families truths are more dangerous than thugs. The fight against them leaves no victors, only survivors.

Director: Anna Kravchenko

Сast: Simon Steinberg, Eugeniy Skukovsky , Maxim Selyutin and Vasiliy Skukovsky