2019 | Animation | 11 min. | Russia

St. Petersburg, nowadays. Four friends - Art, Kira, Phil and Vick – are the coolest gamers at their school. They find an unusual laptop at school, which turns out to be a portal to the world of the game “Heroes of Envell”, but unlike the computer game, the dangers and adventures of this game are real. The game world is a mix of the Middle Ages, steampunk and the technology of the distant future. You will never guess what awaits the players of the “Heroes of Envell”. The surroundings and the logic of the game are unpredictable. The quest that started here will easily turn into a race, shooter or logic puzzle. But it is definitely not easy or boring.

Director: Anton Lanshakov

Producers: Tatiana Tsyvareva and Anton Smetankin

Studios: Animation Studio Parovoz and DTR