2018 | Documentary | 74 min. | Russia, United States | 18+

Quicksilver Chronicles is a portrait of a ghost town of New Idria and the last years of two siblings lives. Kemp and Kate Woods were only two people lived in the town. Last year, in 2017, while the film was in production, - Kate - our main character, was killed in a car accident. As filmmakers, we were forced to reconsider the meaning of our film. Her death made evident how much energy, she had brought to New Idria, because it was always full of life, even though it was a ghost town.

Directors Statement

A question central to the narrative and the project as a whole surfaced: what does it mean to photograph the living and hold that evidence of their existence (so soon) after their death? What does one capture when photographing the remains of a once-inhabited town, to photograph the absence of life, of movement, and of structure?


Project Description

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Directors: Sasha Kulak and Ben Guez

Producers: Ben Guez and Misha MacLaird