2017 | Fiction | 19 min. | Russia

A young man dreams of a young, beautiful, naked lady. Who is she? How to find her? Is she his fantasy or does she really exist?

Directors statement

The movie “Eyes of A Blue Dog” is a reflection on dreaming a dream or living it. A collection of the early short stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez made me think about death, my own fears, but above all I liked the fact that while reading them, I started to deal with my fears with a bit of irony. We gathered a film crew and shot the movie in four days. It was a challenge to create the space of a dream of the main character with limited budget. The task was to built without special effects a sensation of surreal atmosphere. After some consideration we decided to use only the light of kerosene lamps and big glass panels on the wheels which with their semitransparent reflections refracted the composition on the frame. We also decided to make use of the aesthetic of black and white cinema, perfectly exalted as well as dreams of our protagonist. The main subject of the movie is not only fear of death, but fear that you dreams will come true. I made this movie, because I would like to know what is more important for me – to make my dream come true or pursue it.

Director: Sergey Skopytin

Producer: Yuri Grachevski

Сast: Denis Tagintsev and Marusya Fomina

Studio: Grachevski Film