2017 | Animation | 11 min. | Russia

“Severia”, where two clans of beasts have been rivaling against each other for years. Their leaders are two super-villains: Hegemon the Rhino and Darwin the Atomic Monkey. Blinded by their thirst for power they turned the land into a vicious battlefield. Zac the Rabbit, Theodor the Bear, Alice the Fox and Walter The Wolf are the ones fighting for peace. Together they are F.A.S.T.: the Fearless Animals Special Team! Not only do they work as a team to reach justice, but they also stay close friends till the end! “Alone — it’s a fang, but together — a paw!” is the team’s motto, which helps them defeat the cunning enemies each time.

Director: Alexey Mironov

Studio: Animation Studio Parovoz