Years running: 9 (since 2011)


International Children’s Film Festival.


The festival aims at giving a survey of the best new international children's films, - television, - new and crossing media productions and wants to promote quality in children's and youth media.
This is realised by means of competition, discussion and collaboration. Economical traffic and
cultural exchange is promoted by program and co-production markets.

The Film Festival programme consists of the following strands:

  • Cinekid Best Children’s Film Competition: a competition of the best new international feature films for 
    children and young people (jury & audience award). 
  • Cinekid Best Dutch Family Film Competition: an overview of the best Dutch children's and youth film 
    released since the last festival (jury & audience award). 
  • Panorama: Feature length films from all over the world that push the boundaries of creativity. Special 
    attention is given to début films, extraordinary genres and works from low-production countries.
  • Cinekid Best European Short Animation Film Competition: a showcase of the best short European 
    animations suitable for children (jury award). 
  • Dutch Shorts: a celebration of Dutch short films for children and young audiences from the past year. 
  • Special programme section: every year Cinekid Film Festival presents original retrospectives and theme 



  • Cinekid Best Children’s Film Competition: jury & audience award. 
  • Cinekid Best Dutch Family Film Competition: jury & audience award. 
  • Cinekid Best European Short Animation Film Competition: jury award. 


  • International films for Children and Youth films produced in 2014/2015 can be selected for the competition program, provided that the film has not been released in the Netherlands.
  • Productions of 20 minutes maximum - Cinekid best european short animation film competition;
  • The submitted film needs to be at least 60 minutes, All international films for children and youth films released after October 2013 are eligible for the competition - Cinekid Best Children’s Film Competition;
  • European short films at the festival and accepts shorts that were completed in 2014/2015.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form,
  • Two English spoken or English subtitled DVD screeners,
  • Three high quality stills of the film (at least 300 DPI),
  • An electronic press kit (EPK with fragments of the film) and other publicity materials such as a poster.

Cinekid best european short animation film competition - you can download Internet link.

Subtitles language: english

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Cinekid Festival
Attn: Erik Tijman
Asterweg 20 G2
1031 HN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)20 5317892
Fax: +31 (0)20 5317899


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    July 01, 2015
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    19 — 23 October 2015
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