Years running: 22 (since 2000)

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival

International Fantastic Film Festival.


Created in 2000, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) has become a major film event in Switzerland in just 11 editions. Indeed, the NIFFF’s quality and original programs, as well as its prestigious guests convinced both the public (more than 27,000 spectators in 2011) and the critics.

The first characteristic of the festival is a rich and diversified programming:

  • The International Competition of Fantastic Films
  • The Asian Films Competition
  • The Silver Méliès Award for the Best European Feature Film 
  • The SSA/SUISSIMAGE Swiss Fantastic Short Film Competition.
  • Non-competetive International Fantastic Shorts Selection.
  • New Shorts from Asia (non-competitive program).

Besides, the NIFFF features the following non-competitive sections:

  • Ultra Movies,
  • Film of the third kind,
  • Gala evenings, followed by screenings,
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies,
  • Retrospective and special programs.


The Jury of the International Competition must award:

The HR Giger Trophy “Narcisse of the Best Fantastic Feature Film”, and a prize money for the promotion of the film granted to the producer, distributor or independent director who registered the film in the festival.

The international jury has the possibility to give an honorific “Special Jury Mention” to a film of outstanding artistic and innovative value.

Besides, the following awards will be granted during the NIFFF:

  • Best Asian Film;
  • The Audience award, HR Giger Trophy “Narcisse of the audience”;
  • The RTS audience award, a support for the distribution of the winning film to the amount of CHF 5000 offered by "Télévision Suisse Romande" (TSR). The TSR determines the final form this support will take.

Other jury awadrs:

  • The Silver Méliès Award for the best European Fantastic Feature, a nomination to the Golden Méliès for the Best European Fantastic Feature Competition organized in turn by the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals in each festival associated with the Federation.
  • The Imaging the Future Prize for Best Production Design worth CHF 5'000.
  • The Critic's Award of the best feature in International Competition.

The Board of the "Association du Festival International du Film Fantastique de Neuchâtel" are entitled to solve all issues not covered in the afore-mentioned regulations.


  • All films must have been completed in the 18 months preceding the festival (for the International Competition).
  • All films must be screened as Swiss Premieres. For Features — as a general rule, priority will be given to International and World Premieres.
  • Features: running time must be at least 60 minutes. Shorts: running time must be no more than 20 minutes.

The film can be sent via online screener (Vimeo, private YouTube), download platforms (WeTransfer, Dropbox), USB key, DVD or Blu Ray. The festival wishes to keep screeners of submitted films for its archives.

In addition to the submission form fully filled out, complementary documentation such as press kit or production information can be sent by e-mail (

Subtitles language: english and/or french

Premiere Requirements

National premiere required.

Jury and Organizers

  • Художественный директор — Anaïs Emery
  • Администрация — Cyrille Dos Ghali
  • Коммуникация и PR — Luana Di Trapani




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Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF)
Passage Max. de Meuron 6
2000 Neuchâtel

Tel: +41 32 730 50 32

Fax: +41 32 731 07 75

Programming (International Competition):
Anaïs Emery —

Programming (Swiss Fantastic Short Film Competition)
Loïc Valceschini —

Programming (International Fantastic Shorts Selection)
Loïc Valceschini —

Programming (New Shorts from Asia)
Loïc Valceschini —

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Short Fiilms Deadline
    April 02, 2021
  • Feature Films Deadline
    April 30, 2021
  • Event Dates
    2 — 10 July 2021
Categories & Fees

To be qualified as a Swiss production or co-production, the film should meet at least one of the following criteria: - To mainly be supported by a Swiss institution or organisation promoting cinema in Switzerland; - To mainly be produced by a Swiss-based production company or producer; - To be directed by a Swiss director or a foreign director trained in a Swiss cinema school. Running time must be no more than 25 minutes.

  • Short Fiilms Deadline — free
  • Feature Films Deadline — free

Running time must be at least 60 minutes.

  • Short Fiilms Deadline — free
  • Feature Films Deadline — free

Running time must be no more than 20 minutes.

  • Short Fiilms Deadline — free
  • Feature Films Deadline — free
  • Short Fiilms Deadline — free
  • Feature Films Deadline — free
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