Russia inspires!


Years running: 6 (since 2017)

Russia inspires!

Film festival about tourism and traveling.


The main aim of Russian National Tourism and Travel Film Festival "Russia inspires!" is the encouragement of touristic interest in trips about Russia. Except film competition "Russia inspires!" includes more educatonal activity, than the year before. Amoung them there are cinema school, famous directors and producer`s master classes, discussion clubes.


Statuettes, diplomas and presentation of the best films on Montecatini international Short Film Festival, Italy, and London's Russian Film Week, UK.


  • Films must be submitted on DVD (2 copies) or with downloaded link. 
  • Films completed after 2016. 

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers


Feodor Krat (general producer of the International Motivational film festival BRIDGE of ARTS). 
Alexander Yeliseev (Russian representative in World Tourism Organization).
Gennadiy Shatalov (General Producer of  “Russia Inspires!”). 




Official Website


Telephone: 8-961-430-86-46 (Julia Fastovskaya, coordinator)

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    April 24, 2018
  • Earlybird Deadline
    June 15, 2018
  • Notifications
    July 01, 2018
  • Event Dates
    22 — 24 August 2018
Categories & Fees

A short or a feature film showing why certain Russian areas (regions, cities) are attractive for tourism.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

A short or a feature film about a particular sight in Russia. All sights featuring in this nomination have to be attractive enough to bring tourists to the place. They have to be unique, outstanding for locals and for travelers.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

Short or feature films about interesting touristic events held in Russia: festivals, tournaments, celebrations. Such events make the whole region attractive for tourism.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

Short or feature films about travelling experience to some place in Russia, or about visiting a touristic event that took place in Russia.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

Short or feature films presenting region’s potential to organize film shooting. This includes natural resources and climatic conditions, as well as necessary infrastructure.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free
  • Earlybird Deadline — free

One-minute instagram video.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

Commercial video - the goal of this video is to promote different touristic sights and venues, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, amusement parks, eco-farms etc.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

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