I'm Father Christmas / Ya - Ded Moroz


2020 | Fiction | 17 min. | Russia | 12+

A couple in love, timid Alyona and cheerful Matvey, are walking around New Year's Eve Moscow! They were happy, you .. but suddenly he proposes to her! What will answer Alena: yes or no? After all, she is afraid of everything in the world, and especially to get married!

Directors Statement

We are all confident in childhood that Father Christmas comes and gives presents ... Some, as adults, continue to wait for their Father Christmas. And what if we imagine that each of us is Father Christmas for himself! After all, everyone makes his own fate! No matter who you are, where you came from, your past, it matters what you are doing now! And this is real magic!

Director: Tatyana Rybinets

Producer: Alyona Chekhova

Сast: Olga Khokhlova, Mikhail Vaskov, Julia Svezhakova, Oleg Krasovitsky, Alyona Chekhova and Stanislav Sokolov