Sugar show / Sakharnoe shou

2021 | Animation | 8 min. | Russia | 12+

The sugar show is a promising prologue to love, which turns out to be a cruel fake.

Directors Statement

The plot of "Sugar Show" is based on Liana's personal story. It was necessary to come up with a film history for the application, but all Liana's thoughts were occupied by the recently ended painful relationship. She studied the motives of people's behavior, the reasons that make them become manipulators in relationships, she could not think of anything else, and decided to make her next film about it. How to portray a person as a hypocritical person in a film? There is nothing impossible in animation for such tasks, and Liana came up with the idea that the main character will change his appearance and his head will spin.

Director: Liana Makaryan

Сast: Edward Brioni, Alena Kischik and Laila Gerber

Studio: Studio "Pchela"