More than 100,000 stand-up comedians in the world who are constantly creating video content. Many of them choose a profession without knowing about their talents. And they have a distorted view of the work of the media. For them there is no platform for creative implementation in the film sphere. The lack of opportunities for self-realization leads to the fact that talented young people cease to engage in creativity.

The festival will help to identify, support and help in self-realization of young talents in the sphere of cinema (actors, Directors, producers, cameramen, screenwriters, etc.). As well as create conditions for their further development. The winners of the Festival will see a multi-million audience of "Tricolor TV" on KVN TV channel, and the best will be offered a job in KVN Production.

The aim of the Festival is to find, support and help in self-realization of young talents in the sphere of cinema (actors, Directors, producers, cameramen, screenwriters, etc.). As well as creating conditions for their further development.

A business platform is being created for film industry professionals, buyers and festival agents to establish contacts with festival participants. The winners of the festival will be seen by a multi-million audience of "Tricolor TV" on KVN TV channel and the best participants will be invited to cooperate with KVN Production.

The organization of the Festival is the organizing Committee of the Festival.

dear friends
We promised to please You
We keep our promises 

First, the jury joined the m film: Alla Surikova and Yuly Gusman. And they are ready to view a number of works. Secondly, the friendly Kirov gives the opportunity to increase the number of participants living and eating for free. We officially announce the extension of the application period for participation in the Golden Calf film festival until September 20

Rush to apply for the official website of the festival (the link always in bio)
The number of additional seats is limited
If you planned to present to the audience and experts in the field of cinema a few of his work, but did not have time to apply, then

All those who applied before September 5 and passed the selection - free accommodation and food in the first place.



Prize pool 1 000 000 RUB

The jury of the Festival consists of the leading masters of national culture, who award prizes in nominations. The winners of the Festival are awarded with statuettes and monetary rewards.
The following prizes are awarded at the Festival:

  • Grand Prix of the festival;
  • Best animation film;
  • Best Comedy;
  • Best scenario;
  • Best Director's work;
  • The best male role performance;
  • Best female performance;
  • The best execution of the role of the second plan;
  • Best cinematography;
  • Best editing;
  • Special award for loyalty to the Club (the film about the University and about the WHC);
  • Special prize for social acuteness and courage;
  • Special jury prize;
  • Special prizes from the festival sponsors;
  • Special prize Cameras everywhere;

The winners are awarded with the Golden calf statuette. This is a tribute to the founding fathers of the Comedy genre in our country Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov.


  • To include the Film in the qualifying stage, it is necessary to fill in an application on the official website of the Festival. 
  • In case of successful completion of the qualifying stage and getting the film into the main program of the Festival, it is necessary to confirm participation and send it before September 15, 2019:
  • materials for the catalog (synopsis, biography and filmography, Director's photo, photos or slides of frames from the film, the main characters of the film);
  • posters of the film format A1;
  • materials for the festival website (press release, photos of frames from the film and the main characters of the film).;
  • Films of the main competition program may be shown no more than 3 (three) times without the written permission of the copyright holder.
  • Participants of the main program of the Festival are subject to mandatory accreditation which gives the right to take part in the events of the Festival. Also, participants have the right to bring with them persons who participated in the creation of the film, these persons are accredited with admission to the event. All expenses related to accommodation and meals at the Festival shall be borne by the sending party.
  • Media direct accreditation application to the organizing Committee until 16 October 2019.
  • Participation in the Festival implies agreement with all articles of this Regulation.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers


  • Kirov region government
  • ANO mkdc Rise"




Official website



Russia, Moscow,
street Sheremetevsky, 2
(IMC planet KVN)

Phone: +7 (495) 128-96-18


Social Networks:

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening date
    June 22, 2019
  • Regular Deadline
    September 20, 2019
  • Notifications
    September 20, 2019
  • Event dates
    20 — 24 October 2019
Categories & Fees

Subject: HYIP. Movement. In General, Shiza. As the lives of today's generation Z, the youth Hobbies and life experiences, in General, everything that surrounds you and care.

  • Regular Deadline — free

Subject: film - "Declaration of love". The subject of your recognition can be anything: girl, boy, sky, beard, teapot, animate, inanimate, etc. One frame. Without mounting glues. Can be filmed on mobile communication (horizontal/vertical - it does not matter)

  • Regular Deadline — free

Theme: unreal stories (fiction, fantasy, comics, vampires, horror, zombies, robots, evil, magic, etc.))

  • Regular Deadline — free

Topic: socially oriented cinema: cinema about interethnic, inter-age and other human relations. About friendship, camaraderie, help, compassion, family values, humanity and mercy. With humor and "light at the end of the tunnel." Hoping for the best.

  • Regular Deadline — free

Theme: Video in Kirov, about Kirov or its inhabitants. City stories, problems and moments of happiness.

  • Regular Deadline — free
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