2018 | Documentary | 85 min. | Russia | 12+

Four guys from Russia went on a 30-day biking trip from Liverpool to London looking for new world music stars. Concert halls and recording studios, rehearsal spaces and record labels, festivals, clubs and streets. As a result: the unique stories from the talented musicians and their live playing against the background of the most musical landscape in the world.

Directors statement

This is a documentary about the adventures of young russian friends who travel by bicycles and are looking for young and talented British musicians, new stars of british or even world music and at the same time looking for the meaning of life. The four of us, four cameras, four bicycles and our own money. This is inspiring and true movie about music, youth, creativity, freedom and life without borders, wars and politics.

Directors: Petr Keleptrishvili and Artem Ozhogov

Producers: Petr Keleptrishvili and Artem Ozhogov