2018 | Fiction | 48 min. | Russia

No meteorites hit Earth, no terrorists put the world in danger, no atomic war was started, but something did go wrong. Contact between most towns on Earth has been severed. A small ring-like area in Eastern Europe still has electricity, and maybe even life is being reported from the Space. There are dead bodies everywhere: in stores, in cars, on roads, in hospitals and railway stations. Scientists determine the cause of death to be a toxin produced by people’s own bodies. Who or what is destroying all life on Earth? How long will the last outpost of mankind survive?

Director: Egor Baranov

Producers: Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov and

Сast: Aleksey Chadov , Pyotr Fedorov, Lukerya Ilyashenko and Konstantin Lavronenko

Studio: “TV3 Channel” LLC