2017 | Animation | 11 min. | Russia

Seven Jingliks — little merry people – and their restless yet kindhearted fairy animal — friends, who live in a wonderland, learn lots of new things through funny situations that they fall within each series. Each of the jingliks is a master of something: Pankrat (male): astronomy, common knowledge. Manyunya (female): cooking. Dinyok (male): world culture Frosya (female): fashion and beauty, Kotya (female): publishing, journalism , Fedunya (male): adventures and sport, Vanya (male): engineering, mechanics, construction. Even the animal Bedokur has a favorite hobby: he selflessly plays the rogue. Because of its unbridled curiosity, he often becomes the cause of troubles and jingliks. But all together they make amazing discoveries from these adventures.

Directors statement

JIngliks is an art animation project gone commercial. Why an art project? Because it is very personal. JIngliks - it is me, my family, my child. I make each episode personally for my daughter, as well as other members of our team do it for their’s families. This is our thing, which ensures the quality of the project. Also, I’m very proud of the fact that Jingliks develop kids’ good taste and provide young audience with a high-quality art and animation.

Director: Anton Vereschagin

Producer: Oleg Roy

Studio: OPEN Alliance Media and LLC