2019 | Fiction | 94 min. | Russia | 6+

As long as Yamil can remember himself, War has always been here. But Yamil is waiting for the War to be over because then his Father will return home. Yamil has never met his Father in person. He knows him only through letters and photos. One day Yamil's Mother went to a far away town and brought a silent girl named Oksana with her. Mother passed Father's wish to Yamil: to take care of Oksana like of his own sister. Screen adaptation of "The Joy of Our House" novel, the never aging classics of Soviet literature written by Mustai Karim.

Director: Aleksandr Galibin

Producers: Timerbulat Karimov, Mikhail Kurbatov and Dmitriy Fiks

Сast: Arslan Krymchurin and Marta Timofeeva

Studio: Motor Film Studio