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Years running: 38 (since 1986)

Cinema Jove

Valencia International Film Festival


Welcome to the Cinema Jove International Film Festival, that has been committed to acting as a meeting point for young filmmakers from the Four Corners of the globe. Every month of June, Valencia becomes this meeting point as the most interesting and creative films are brought out into the limelight. There are two sections where films compete in: one for feature films screened for the first time in Spain and another for the best, most consolidated shorts on the international scene; these constitute the thrust of a programme which also embraces tribute to veteran filmmakers, young 'cult movie' directors, exhibitions, professional meeting points... The Valencia event reflects the firm commitment to a cinema of quality for people from all walks of life; Cinema Jove is now among the top most important international film festivals held in Spain.



  • LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Feature - 35000 Euros. The prize shall be given to the film distributor in Spain.


  • LUNA DE VALENCIA for the Best Short - 9000 Euros.

Web series:

  • LUNA DE VALENCIA to Best Web Series
  • PEOPLE´S CHOICE to Best Web series
  • MARSEILLE WEB FEST SPECIAL AWARD — participation in the next Marseille Web Fest Edition
  • L.A. WEB FEST SPECIAL AWARD — participation in the next L.A. Web Fest


  • The Festival is open to any film produced after January 1st 2022;
  • Director must have been born later than January 1 1982.
  • More than two films by the same director cannot be presented to the Festival. In this case, the Selection Committee shall only choose one;
  • Films over 60 minutes will be considered feature films. Short films will not exceed 30 minutes (credits included).
  • Serial fiction or documentary that have a minimum of three episodes with less than 20 minutes runtime per episode and has been distributed, initially, via Internet.
  • Films for preview by the Selection Committee will need to register online and be sent to the MOVIBETA website.
  • The selected feature films may be screened in 35mm or digital format (DCP, Blu-ray, Betacam Digital or SP); short films will be screened in digital format (MPG4, codec H264).
  • Subtitles language: english

Premiere Requirements

Regional premiere required.




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Valencia International Film Festival Cinema Jove
46003 – VALÈNCIA

Phone: 963311047


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline (films)
    March 20, 2023
  • Event Dates
    22 June — 1 July 2023
Categories & Fees

Films over 60 minutes will be considered feature-lengths

  • Deadline (films) — free

Short films will not exceed a maximum running time of 30 minutes (credits included).

  • Deadline (films) — free

Fiction or documentary that have a minimum of three episodes with less than 20 minutes runtime per episode.

  • Deadline (films) — free

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