2020 | Fiction | 97 min. | Russia

Total lack of money, poor accomodation, bitchy girlfriend with moustaches - this is Lesha's daily routine. He is a swamper worker at the provincial city of Uletnoe. He got used to it and just follows the flow. Everything changes when a man from the capital arrives. At any costs, he wants to rent the poor apartment of a dead homeless poet who wrote crazy lines about Moscow, that doesn't exist. Meanwhile, Lesha meets a girl Masha. In her camera, he finds himself on the photos from 4 days ago. However, for some reason, Lesha doesn't remember neither photos, nor Masha. There are no tickets to Moscow at the box office, the man from the capital is not the one whom he claims to be. And their provincial city is not a provincial one and even not a city at all.

Director: Dmitry Fedorov

Producers: Alexey Arkhipov and Vadim Bogdanov

Сast: Ivan Fedotov, Olga Starchenkova, Anatoly Goryachev and Alexander Vorobiev

Studio: UnitedFilmMaking Group