2019 | Fiction | 15 min. | Italy | 12+

During the acting training each of the participants should bring an important object and share his intimate story. Elena haven't prepared for this task, so she had to come up with the story on the run. It touches everyone and evokes sympathy. But this feeling is new for her.

Directors Statement

I have been living in Italy for 5 years. The emigration problem is very relevant over here, everyone speaks up on this subject and sometimes they turn out to be very aggressive and unambiguous. This film is based on a real story that happened at my sight. When a man saying that he had lost his loved ones because of the war and left the country later insists that the immigrants should not be welcomed at Italian ports, I was deeply impressed. I started wondering how such contradictions can be set in one person. I was thinking it over for a long time and in the end the idea of ​​this film was born. While working on the film, I came thinking that the main theme of this film is not immigrants and the crisis caused by this problem. But the problem of the duality of human nature. Everyone at the certain live point reveals himself in such a way. This trait can be seen both at the personal level and the peoples on the whole. We forbid our children to play with the phone while we can't leave it for a second. We teach the whole world democracy and tolerance while dropping bombs for better comprehension. Such examples are numerous, each of us have them. I wanted to highlight this duality and make people think how inconsistently we sometimes demonstrate ourselves.

Director: Anna Makhnyuk

Producer: Dario Bologna

Сast: Micol Damilano, Gabriele Filosa, Giulia Maino, Tiziano Sorbellini, Maura Balbis and Riccardo Santolini