Neum Animated Film Festival


Years running: 21 (since 2004)

Neum Animated Film Festival

Neum Animated Film Festival.


Festival has two parts: Working part of festival where children can learn animation techniques and make their own cartoons and Competition part of festival where cartoons from all over the world are presented. Cartoon selection is done by children who attend the Working part of festival. They also make decisions about all awards except for Jury award.


  • Competition section
  • Workshop section


  • Award for the best fim (proffesional jury), 
  • Award of auditory (members of drawing school), 
  • Award for the best animation (leaders of working part of festival), 
  • Award for the best animation (plasteline-dolls),
  • Award for the best music (professional jury), 
  • Award for the best animated student film, 
  • Award for the best art, 
  • Award of the public.


  • Animated films (duration 15 minutes) can partcipate.
  • Author can report 3 films (made in last 3 years), 
  • Films that propagandize rasisam and pornography will not enter compettition program.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

All registrations must fulfil next:

  • DVD film, 
  • Filled and signed entery form, 
  • Fotography and biography of director, 
  • Fotography of film (minim.),
  • Declaration of author if he is willing to work with children during the camp.

Additional Information

Authors whose films entered the selection are invited to be guests during the festival. Festival covers all expences of accomodation for one representative of film. Travel expences must be paid by authors. 

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement



Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Stepenište agava 8
88390 Neum
Bosnia and Herzegovina 


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    October 09, 2023
  • Deadline
    April 01, 2024
  • Notifications
    June 15, 2024
  • Event Dates
    30 August — 3 September 2024
Categories & Fees

Animated films (duration up to 15 minutes).

  • Deadline — free

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