Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival


Years running: 15 (since 2008)

Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival

International festival of stop motion animation.


The Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival celebrates and encourages the efforts of the talented people working in this unique art form of stop motion animation. Stop Motion animation is created by artists moving puppets in tiny increments while recording one image at a time. Each short sequence on film can represent hours of painstaking attention to detail. Is it time consuming? Definitely! But, the results can be mesmerizing and possess near universal appeal.
From the charm of Gumby, to the wild adventures of Wallace and Gromit, through to the zaniness of Jack Skellington in The Nightmare before Christmas, we have fallen under the magical spell of characters brought to life by stop-motion animation. With its use in television and feature films, stop-motion animation has recently experienced a resurgence. Despite this, getting their work screened can still be a huge struggle for many artists. The Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival is working to change that.

These categories are:

  • Professional: films, television episodes and commercials that are commissioned or produced with funding; 
  • Independent Films, produced in an independent setting with or without subsidiaries;
  • Academic Films, produced in an academic environment as part of a course or as an assignment.


  • «The Little Henry» Award for each category
  • The Public Choice Award 


  • Films made after the first of January 2020 are eligible to participate,
  • Only films under 30 minutes, using Stop Motion animation and pixilation will be considered.
  • In the case of mixed media, a content of 75% of stop motion animation is required for eligibility.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out the online entry form
  • Film submissions and submission materials are to be received by online transfer, via WeTransfer, DropJar, DropBox or any other similar file transfer service

In addition to your film, please include the following:

  • The director’s biography (60 words or less) and filmography
  • 2 hi-res images from the film
  • 1 photo of the director
  • Trailer, if available

Selection Media Type: .MOV (preferable), .MP4, .AVI

Subtitles language: English and/or French

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




Official Website



J.A. de Sève Cinema
J.W. McConnell Building (LB)
Concordia University
1453  Mackay Street
Montreal, Canada, H3G 2H6


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    June 20, 2022
  • Event Dates
    10 — 19 September 2022
Categories & Fees

Фильмы до 30 минут.

  • Deadline — free
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