Film Festival della Lessinia


Years running: 28 (since 1995)

Film Festival della Lessinia

International Film Festival: mountains and faraway lands.


Eligible for the Festival are both films and videos (features, shorts, documentaries, animated films) that represent, emphasize, and encourage the understanding of social, linguistic, human, economic, environmental, natural, historical, and artistic realities pertaining to the mountains or to other lands far from urban centres, as well as of the traditions, customs, and habits of the people who live in the mountains and in other distant lands.


Main awards:

  • Lessinia d’Oro, including € 5.000 for the best film overall,
  • Lessinia d’Argento, including € 3.000 for the best direction/director, 
  • Prize for the best documentary film,
  • Prize for the best feature film, 
  • Prize for the best short film.

Other independent juries will award the following special prizes:

  • Prize from the Curatorium Cimbricum Veronense in memory of Piero Piazzola and Mario Pigozzi for the best film by a young director; 
  • Prize from the Parco della Lessinia for the best film about the relationship between Man and Nature; 
  • Prize from the Cassa Rurale Bassa Vallagarina for the best film about the Tri-Veneto; 
  • Prize from the Jury of Inmates of the Casa Circondariale di Verona;
  • Prize from the Young Jury; 
  • Prize from the Public;
  • Prize from the Children.


  • The theme of the Film Festival della Lessinia is: Mountain Life, History, and Traditions.
  • Works about sports or mountaineering are excluded from the competition;
  • Works produced before 2019 or shown in previous editions of the Film Festival della Lessinia will not be considered for competition. 

For the works selected for the Festival, the following are required:

  • link for viewing the work;
  • completed entry form signed by the director, producer, or other rights holder;
  • synopsis of the work and bio-filmography of the director (pdf);
  • three stills from the film (pdf);
  • one photograph of the director (pdf).

Selection Media Type: online

Screening Media Type: DCP video, HDCam, Blu-ray Disc video, video file in high-resolution

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Director - Alessandro Anderloni. 




Official Website



Film Festival della Lessinia
Piazza Borgo, 52
37021 Bosco Chiesanuova (VR)

Phone: +39 045 6799216


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    April 30, 2021
  • Event Dates
    20 — 29 August 2021
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features and shorts

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features and shorts

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