The World Through Silence


Years running: 4 (since 2019)

The World Through Silence

Moscow International Sign Language Film Festival & Arts Exhibition.


The film festival is held with the aim of drawing public attention to the problems faced by deaf and hard of hearing people, to show their rich potential and the diversity of their lives. The festival also aims to provide people with hearing impairments with visual examples and opportunities for an active life. Russian and foreign feature films, documentaries, children's films and videos of social advertising that touch on the problems of deaf people, as well as works filmed by people with disabilities and with their direct participation, are invited to participate in the film festival.


Nominations for the 2nd International Film Festival

"The World Through Silence"

     1. Best Feature Film.

     2. Best Short Fiction Film.

     3. Best Documentary

     4. Best Ensemble of Actors.

     5. Best Male Lead Role.

    6. Best Actress in a Leading Role

     7. The best film about the rights of people with


     8. Best Director's Work.

     9. Best Cinematography.

  10. Special Jury Prize of the Film Festival

   11. Audience Award


Films not in Russian are accepted with English subtitles and editing sheets. The presence of Russian subtitles and editing sheets is desirable for all video materials, regardless of the original language, since the festival films will be subtitled for deaf and hard of hearing people. Only works released no earlier than January 1, 2015 are allowed to participate.

Documents and materials The application package for participation includes: Link to the movie. Installation sheets (in electronic form). Photos of the director, stills from the film.

Completed application form.

Additional Information: Sound language: original. 

Subtitle language: Russian or English.

Applications for participation in the festival are accepted until February 15, 2021 at

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Chairman of the Jury of the Festival - Andrey Zhitinkin

Director and founder  - Alexander Genievsky 

Head of the organizing committee - Stanislav Ivanov

Senior festival coordinator - Andrey Andreikin 

Creative coordinator - Sergey Bidny 

Senior Artist - Uri Chernuha

The full jury committee of the Festival will be formed by the end of February 2021.




Official Website



to Alexander Genievsky , Andrey Andreykin 

Russia, 121352 , Davidkovskaya Street 10, Building 5, apart. 106

(russian voice or text messages)

Tel. +7 (926) 212-24-63

(English text message)

 +1 757 895 7317



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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    November 15, 2020
  • Earlybird Deadline
    February 15, 2021
  • Notifications
    April 15, 2021
  • Event Dates
    15 — 16 May 2021
Categories & Fees

Applications for participation in the Festival are accepted free of charge.

  • Earlybird Deadline — free

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