Years running: 14 (since 2010)


International Festival of child-adult screen creativity.


International Festival Screen Culture «Thelovetcheskoje Kino» (hereinafter - Festival) is held among collectives (groups) of youth-adult production in different forms of art, connecting with cinema, television, photography and different digital technologies. 

Festival events are directed to formation and evaluating new global culture of production and reproduction age-diverse communicative samples of generations interplay and provides conditions of establishing new information community (environs), new culture of information society, where social-noetic (immaterial) factors of evaluating are information and knowledge. Festival holding  promotes establishing of screen culture as a part of general information culture of present society. 

Festival is addressed to the inner world and aimed to solve issues  with ethic character.  Cinema Art and Pedagogical Connection in the Cinema Art Festival let name it as Screen Culture Festival, and the main idea is formation of mental Image of a person, orienting to kindness, love, care, friendship, knowledge and reliable action. Accomplish this events of Festival hold frames either for organizers themselves  or for participants and in a perspective for a society in general: watch what traditions, foundations, norms of human interplay are forgotten or lost, which should be reconstructed today, where to go in Future. Festival as a form let join people with different generations and cultures aiming formation of new community, new samples of behavior, people’s (human) communication, relation to the world, linking Past, Present and Future.

The goal of Festival is expansion of edges and opportunities of new culture formation by present youth-adult media production and new social integration character technologies.

Children’s, children-youth, youth, children-adult collectives of photo-, cinema, video production can be invited for having a part in the Festival, all who share the idea and tasks of Festival and who orienting to demonstration of samples as love, kindness, care, friendship, to positive presenting of problematical situations and suggestion how to solve them.   



Winners of FESTIVAL-2023 are awarded of:

  • symbol of Festival (statue);
  • diploma of the winner;
  • different educational certificates (for studying in the Academy of Cinema and Television Mastery (Russia, Novosibirsk), participation in the programme “Summer cinema School–2023” in the ECE-Centre “Razvitije” (Russia, The Republic Mountain Altai).
  • references and support of FESTIVAL jury members (2023) for being engaged to the Universities or Institutes, forming a portfolio, taking a part in the other competitions, etc., aiming to promoting of evaluating following professional career of participants of the Festival. 


All works, declared and sent for having a part in the Festival, are checked with previous selection. There works, which are accessed to competition programme, should correspond with following conditions:

  • Themes of photo-video-works and animation films correspond to the main idea and tasks of Festival;
  • Declared works are made by children,, children-youth, youth or children-adult collective in the conjoint creating, beginning from the thinking about the idea and ending with implementation in made product;
  • Number of works, getting from the one studio for participation in a nomination is defined of Standing Order of Holding;
  • Each work is attended by an application form, author's annotation about the film;
  • One studio or one author can send not more than 3 works to the each nomination.
  • Participants of FESTIVAL - 2023 have to download their works on the video hosting service in the maximum high quality. A valid hyperlink  must be sent to administrator of Festival on the e-mail address with the topic “FESTIVAL-2023” 

Premiere Requirements

World premiere required.

Jury and Organizers

The lineup of Festival Organizing Committee is instated by Academy of Cinema and Television Mastery (АC&ТМ).

In the lineup of the organizing committee are the following members:

Nikolaev Valery Anatolievich, general director of Educational Complex «Nasha Shkola», mothodologist, the head of the Festival Organizing Committee;

Nikolaev Evgeny Igorevitch,  curator of Festival, video engineer, director of Air in the OTC-TV Channel;

Zavialova Margarita Vladimirovna, the head of the AC&TM, a director;

Kravtchenko Anastasia Aleksandrovna,  Journalists’ Union  of Russian Federation member, head-editor of the “Pervy Detsko-Vzrosly Channel «PRAXIS-TV»;

Baulin Andrey Vladimirovich, a photographer, member of Photo Artists’ Unnion and Journalists’ Union of Russian Federation;

Nikolaeva Aljona Gennadievna, general director of  ECE-Centre «Razvitie», phsychologist;

Truhachjov Ivan Alekseevich, the head of the First Children-Adult channe «PRAXIS-TV», a teacher;

Ernazarova Raisa Muldashevna, cinema director, documentarian,  Honoured Culture Worker of Russian Federation, Honourable professor of cathedra in UNESCO, Novosibirsk Governmental University;

Nikolaeva Anastasia Viktorovna, journalist.




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Russia, Novosibirsk, Zyryanovskaya, 119/1

Phone: +7 383 264-38-54,
+7 953 769-28-61

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    January 09, 2023
  • Deadline
    March 20, 2023
  • Notifications
    April 25, 2023
  • Event Dates
    5 — 7 April 2023
Categories & Fees

Presentation film 5 min

  • Deadline — free

Interview program 30 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Short films up to 15 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Short documentary film up to 25 minutes long.

  • Deadline — free

Social video up to 3 minutes.

  • Deadline — free

Information-analytical plot up to 10 minutes.

  • Deadline — free

Educational program/educational film up to 20 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Short animated films up to 20 minutes.

  • Deadline — free
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