Filmfest Emden


Years running: 33 (since 1990)

Filmfest Emden

International Film Festival in Emden.


The IFF Emden is a true festival for the audience & focuses on current northwestern European films.


  • New British Cinema, 
  • New German Cinema, 
  • International Section, 
  • Children`s Films, 
  • Short and Animation Films.


  • DGB Film Award for a feature or documentary film with north-western European origin displaying an exceptional level of social commitment. This includes topics such as work, equality, migration and integration, globalization, environmental protection or other serious social problem scenarios. The DGB Film Award has a purse of € 7,000 provided by the Lower Saxony regional organization of the German Trade Union Federation DGB.
  • NDR Newcomer Award for a first or second full-length feature film by a German-language director. Previous documentaries or short films are not taken into consideration. The NDR Newcomer Award has a purse of € 5,000 provided by the NDR - Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Landesfunkhaus Lower Saxony.
  • AOK Film Award for a feature film or documentary film with north-western European origin that deals with a health-related subject in a creative way. This also includes the challenges posed by demographic developments and medical progress, treatment of the disabled and people in need of care, widespread diseases and mental illnesses, topics relating to health promotion and preventative medicine, as well as health policy questions and problems. The AOK Film Award has a purse of € 5,000 provided by the AOK health insurance agency of Lower Saxony.
  • The Creative Energy Award has a purse of € 5,000 provided by the Emden public utility companies Stadtwerke Emden.
  • East Friesian Short Film Award. The East Friesian Short Film Award has a purse of € 4,000 (1st prize € 2,500, 2nd prize € 1,000, 3rd prize € 500) provided by VGH Versicherungen, Landesdirektion Ostfriesland.
  • The Engelke Short Film Award has a purse of € 2,500 provided by the Sparkasse Emden.
  • Emden Screenplay Award
  • Emden Acting Award


The competition (feature) is open to films:

  • intended for cinema release, 
  • from Europe, particularly from the German-speaking countries and Northwestern Europe, 
  • and at least 60 minutes long.

Films that have been produced solely for television and which are not intended to be screened in cinemas prior to television transmission cannot take part in the competition.

  • Films should not have been screened in cinemas in Germany nor have been transmitted on television before the festival starts.
  • The short film competition is open to European films, particularly from the German-speaking countries and Northwestern Europe with a length of max. 15 minutes. The German premiere should take place in Emden or at another location within the 9 months prior to the start of the festival.
  • Film registration takes place by post with the aid of a registration form which can be downloaded from the internet ( and which should be accompanied by a viewing copy (DVD). The registration form should be accompanied by still photographs and a short description of the film’s contents, a photo and short biography of the director and any available press material.
  • Entries are ONLY possible directly to or

The festival requires the presence of the directors of the competition films, or a suitable representative from among the people involved in the film, for the presentation of the film in the festival programme. The festival also requires a firm commitment from directors or representatives to be present at the Awards Ceremony and agrees to cover the travel and accommodation costs incurred.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

  • Directors — Silke Santjer, Rolf Eckard




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Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney
An der Berufsschule 3
D-26721 Emden

Tel. +49 4921 9155-33 / -34
Fax +49 4921 9155-99


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    January 01, 2022
  • Deadline
    March 20, 2022
  • Event Dates
    8 — 15 June 2022
Categories & Fees

As a rule, the short films should be no longer than 15 minutes (for the East Friesian Short Film Award) or no longer than 30 minutes (for the Engelke Short Film Award).

  • Deadline — free

Films will be taken into consideration from a minimum length of 65 minutes in total. FEATURE, DOCUMENTARY, Animation and OTHER

  • Deadline — free
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