Director Ivanov, Maxim Alexandrovich
Scriptwriter Maksim Ivanov
Scriptwriter Sonia Ivanova
Scriptwriter Roman Gerasimov
Producer Maksim Ivanov
Cinematographer / DP Maxim Zlobin
Composer Boris Gelasimov
Editor Maxim Ivanov
Sound Designer Ivan Sergeev


robber Danil Steklov
hijacker Alexey Kirsanov

Ivanov, Maxim Alexandrovich



Was born in a small suburban town Lytkarino. He graduated from high school with physico-mathematical bias. Entered the MOTHER, but after a year left and entered the GITR them. Litovkina the faculty of TV directing. Married. On the TV started to work even before enrolling in GITR. First assistant Director, then as a film editor and later became a Director. As a Director launched the documentary film “Landfill” on TV channel Russia 2. The program entered the top popular projects of the channel. Received several awards and prizes. Now works as the chief Director and creative producer on the TV channel “T24” within the family of Digital TV holding VGTRK.


2016 “Vic the thief and his uncle Egor”, 15 min, game short film 2012-2017 “Polygon”, 26-44 min, cycle Doc films 2015, “Patriot”, 44 min, documentary 2015, “KAMAZ master”, 44 min, documentary 2015-2016, “Restorers”, 26 min, cycle Doc films 2015, “the Expendables Max”, 26 min, cycle Doc programs