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Years running: 1 (since 2022)

Our responsibility

Russian Film Festival of Social Short Films for children


I All-Russian Children's Film Festival

"Our Responsibility"

Are you concerned about pressing issues? Difficulties in the educational system or relationships with parents? But what about more global topics like climate change or healthy lifestyles and water drinking?

Tell us what you care about in the format you choose:

  • short film, running time about 3 minutes.
  • script of the topic that disturbs you, 2-10 pages.
  • a poster for a participating movie, maybe your school will give you access to films that want to get a poster.

Take part in the Film Festival, created for you by the children's technology parks Quantorium St. Petersburg and Quantorium Tomsk.

To participate, you need to fill out an application for the film festival on the website until May 15.


The organizer of the Festival reserves the right to enter additional nominations and establish special prizes. The winners are awarded with diplomas. All participants are awarded certificates.


Students of educational institutions of St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation under the age of 18 can take individual participation in the Festival.



Projects (short film, script, etc.) on the following topics can be submitted to the Festival:

social problems (conditions, level and quality of life, material difficulties of young and large families, etc.);
socio-psychological problems (social adaptation, learning difficulties, bullying, socially dangerous situation, misunderstanding in the family, etc.);
socio-political problems (ensuring peace, conflicts on religious or ethnic grounds, etc.);
socio-economic problems (poverty, unemployment, lack of stability and social prospects, etc.);
healthy lifestyle;
animal protection;
cultural heritage (culture is an integral part of human life);
environmental problems, etc.
The topics of projects are not limited to this list, participants can propose a work on a free topic that is part of the field of social problems of modern society and coordinate it with the Organizers of the Festival.

Projects demonstrating:

prohibited substances;
obscene language;
scenes of violence and cruelty.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

The list of the Jury of the Festival is formed by the Organizer of the Festival from among the active specialists in the field of the film industry.




Official Website



Artistic Director of the Festival: Osipenko Olesya Igorevna - teacher of additional education in the direction of "Mediaquantum" GBUDO "MDG" e-mail: olessiaosipenko@gmail.com phone: 8 (921) 092-31-05 Festival Coordinator: Sedelnikova Anastasia Yaroslavovna - methodologist of SBUDO "MDG" e-mail: nasi369@yandex.ru phone: 8 (931) 272-12-18

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    April 14, 2022
  • Regular Deadline
    May 22, 2022
  • Notifications
    June 03, 2022
  • Event Dates
    31 May — 3 June 2022
Categories & Fees

A social short film can be created in one of the following directions: - feature film - documentary film - animated film. Participants independently determine the genre of the short film. Technical requirements for short films: - timing: from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, - formats: MP4, MPEG, MOV (QuickTime), AVI, - resolution: Full HD (1920 x1080).

  • Regular Deadline — free

This nomination assumes an original script for a social short film that has not been created or filmed before. The theme of the script should be included in the field of social problems of modern society. The script must not be a repetition of the script of the film submitted to this Festival. Technical requirements for scenarios:  format: scenario text format (Appendix 3);  file type: text;  file extension: DOC, DOCX, PDF;  volume of a text file: from 2 to 10 pages;  page margins: top - 2.5 cm, bottom - 1.25 cm, left - 3.75 cm, right - 2.5 cm;  page orientation: portrait;  font: Courier New;  font size: 12;  font style: regular (regular);  "paragraph" parameter of the "Hero's name" block: on the left - 6.75 cm, the rest is unchanged.  "paragraph" parameter of the "Hero's remark" block: on the left - 3.75 cm, on the right - 3.75 cm, the rest is unchanged.  “paragraph” parameter of the “Remark” block: on the left – 5.5 cm, on the right – 4.5 cm, the rest is unchanged. General information: 1) The text of the script immediately follows the title page. 2) The script is written only in the present tense. 3) The script is written in the third person. 4) The page number should be in the upper right corner, 1.25 cm from the top edge. The numbering starts from the first page of the script text, not from the title page.

  • Regular Deadline — free

The poster suggests an image for an already created social short film participating in this Festival. The poster is created by agreement with the authors of the short film. In the application for participation in the Festival, in addition to the image of the poster itself, you must provide a direct link to the short film. The link to the short film and the contacts of the copyright holders are obligatory. Members of the film crew working on the creation of the short film are considered to be the right holders. The poster must be made using the tools of any graphic editor. The poster must not contain elements that fall under the protection of copyright law, and must not be a work that falls into the category of plagiarism. Technical requirements for posters:  file type: graphic;  file extension: PNG; - page orientation: portrait  format: A3 and more  size of A3 format (297 × 420 mm) in pixels: at DPI = 150, the resolution of the A3 format is 1754 × 2480 pixels; at DPI = 300, A3 format resolution has 3508 × 4961 pixels.

  • Regular Deadline — free

All projects submitted to the Festival and approved by the Jury participate in the nomination "People's Choice Award". The winner in each of the nominations is determined by open voting in the social network "VKontakte" in the official group "Mediakuvantum St. Petersburg" at: https://vk.com/mediakvantum_spb. Voting will last from May 16 to May 29, 2022.

  • Regular Deadline — free

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