Years running: 37 (since 1982)

Kasseler DocFest

Documentary and Video Film Festival in Kassel.


The cozy "Filmladen" movie theater houses this strongly content-oriented festival which, thanks to its dual focuses on documentary film and new media, is able to showcase a broad spectrum of international visual art. The festival is an annual rendezvous for interdisciplinary exchange and, through the industry conference "interfiction", draws a professional audience from all areas of the new media and visual arts to the same city in which Germany´s biggest art exhibition, the "documenta", takes place every five years.


  • International Film Section (documentary film);
  • International Video Section (documentary film, video art);
  • Monitoring (exhibition of international media installation);
  • Interfiction (conference with focus on Internet);
  • Live Visuals (audiovisual performances and VJ-art).


Prize money totalling 11,500 € as well as a production grant will be awarded to participating authors and artists.

  • Golden Key – Young directors competition documentary film: €5,000 for documentaries, whose directors have not surpassed their 35th birthday at the time of the completion
  • Golden Hercules – Regional competition: €3,000
  • Golden Cube – Exhibition Monitoring: €3500
  • junges dokfest: A38-Production-Grant Kassel-Halle: the grant includes up to 4,000 € for living and travelling expenses for a residence up to two months


  • Productions of the years 2016 or 2017
  • No length restriction

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form on-line;
  • To be complete, each application must include a short synopsis, a biography and a filmography in the form of a hard copy.
  • The work must be submitted as a link for streaming (not limited in time) via a video platform for the preselection process.

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: English or German

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Festival Directors — Kati Michalk, Gerhard Wissner




Official website



Kasseler Dokumentar- & Videofest
c/o Filmladen Kassel e.V. Goethestr. 31
34119 Kassel

Phone: +49-5 61-7 07 64 21
Fax: +49-5 61-7 07 64 33


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    July 07, 2017
  • Event dates
    14 — 19 November 2017
Categories & Fees

There is no restriction concerning the length of the submitted work.

  • Deadline — free
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