Festival du Film des Diablerets


Years running: 53 (since 1970)

Festival du Film des Diablerets

International alpine film festival.


The objective of the Festival is to enhance, promote and develop the production (cinema and television) of Alpine films and the protection of environment in the mountains. Furthermore, the Festival's mission is to present Swiss productions, also open its selection to those from abroad.


  • The GRAND PRIX DU FESTIVAL DES DIABLERETS (Prize of the French-speaking Swiss Television) for the production having received the unanimous votes of the Jury.
  • 5 DIABLES D’OR in accordance with the categories indicated in art.

a) for the best production in the field of extreme sports in all their forms.

b) for the best documentary or account of happenings in the mountains – Prize of Swiss Alpine Club

c) for the best documentary or account «environment»

d) for the best documentary or account « feat and adventure » Prize of Swiss Alpine Club

e) for the best fiction or documentary « fiction »

  • The SPECIAL PRIZE of the Jury to single out a video or film production the making, style and conception of which expresses a real originality or revival.
  •  Public's prize 


  • Any participant can register a maximum of 3 films which will not have to be previous to 3 years. 

All entry forms must be accompanied by :

  • DVD
  • complete synopsis for the good comprehension of the film
  • 5 representative photographs of the film on digital support (high quality), whose publication will be considered as authorized and free of charge
  • the curriculum vitae (CV) of the filmmaker

Subtitle language: French (preferably), English or German. 

Selection Media Type: DVD.

Screening format: Prores 422 LT or Prores 444 HD. 

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement



Les Diablerets

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Festival du Film des Diablerets Maison du Tourisme
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PO Box 3 Case postale 3
CH 1865 Les Diablerets

Email: info@fifad.ch

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    April 15, 2021
  • Event Dates
    7 — 14 August 2021
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