Directors’ Fortnight

Years running: 57 (since 1968)

Directors’ Fortnight

Sections at the Cannes Film Festival.


Created by the French Directors Guild in the wake of the events of May ’68, the Directors’ Fortnight seeks to aid filmmakers and contribute to their discovery by the critics and audiences alike. From its initial program in 1969, it cast its lot with the avant-garde (the glorious seventies), even as it created a breeding ground where the Cannes Festival would regularly find its prestigious auteurs.

Among the various sections at the Cannes Film Festival, the Directors' Fortnight is distinguished by its independent-mindedness, its non-competitive nature and its concern to cater to non-professional Cannes audiences, which can buy a subscription for the entire Fortnight program or purchase tickets for individual screenings.

Striving to be eclectic and receptive to all forms of cinematic expression, the Directors' Fortnight pays particular attention to the annual production of fiction features, short films and documentaries, to the emergence of independent fringe filmmaking, and even to contemporary popular genres, provided these films are the expression of an individual talent and an original directorial style.

Program of short and feature films, and documentaries from around the world.


All first features presented at the Directors' Fortnight are eligible for the Caméra d'Or prize, awarded during the official award ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival.
The films presented at the Directors' Fortnight are also eligible for the following prizes (based on criteria set by each partner association): the SACD prize, the Label Europa Cinemas and the Art Cinema Award.


Except special cases, all films submitted for the Directors' Fortnight must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Films must have been made during the 12 months preceding the festival;
  • With the exception of foreign films in their country of origin, they should not have been presented at any international festival or film event (except in the context of a film market);
  • Films must not have been shown on the Internet or broadcasted on TV or commercially released in France.
  • Subtitles language: English and/or French

Documents and Other Requisite Items

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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14 rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 PARIS - FRANCE

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    October 16, 2023
  • Deadline (shorts and medium)
    March 15, 2024
  • Deadline (features)
    March 19, 2024
  • Event Dates
    15 — 25 May 2024
Categories & Fees
  • Deadline (shorts and medium) — €50
  • Deadline (features) — free

Submissions for feature films must include payment of entry fee of € 170 HT (DCP, HDCam SR, 35mm) or € 125 HT for all others formats (VAT applies or not according ti the category your company belongs to).

  • Deadline (shorts and medium) — €150
  • Deadline (features) — free

a running time under 60 minutes

  • Deadline (shorts and medium) — €30
  • Deadline (features) — free
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