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Share film festivals in a click!

January 11, 2017


Now gives an opportunity to share film festivals! Always up-to-date information about any festival at your site. Simple and easy.

Good news, it is just as simple to share a festival from our catalogue as add a Youtube link to a blog note.

How can I share a festival?

  1. Head over to a festival page in the catalogue, such as International Film festival Rotterdam
  2. In the lower-right corner find «Festival widget» — copy widget code 
  3. Go over to your blog or site and add the code.
    Please mind: if in the blog change to Source mode — so you can edit original code.


So that's what you'll get (by the way, try to change window size of your browser and see what will happen to the widget down):


As a matter of fact, the widget automatically scales to length and width: the wider the screen, the more information about a festival is showed.

All the data is received from the catalogue and the widget always shows up-to-date information about any festival — so now when entering your site or blog any follower will know the festival status: when the deadline comes, what are the festival dates.

Share interesting festivals!



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June 22, 2017
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