Years running: 21 (since 2003)


International LGBT Film Festival.


This international festival accepts LGBT films only. Local (Spanish) and international filmmakers can apply their works.


Zinegoak Award (Feature Film International Jury):

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Direction on a feature film
  • Best Screenplay on a feature film.

Zinegoak Award (Documentary Film International Jury):

  • Best Documentary Feature.

The audience with their votes:

  • Zinegoak’s Audience Award to Best Short Film (1.000 Euros), sponsored by Euskaltel.

OFF Zinegoak Jury:

  • Best Experimental Feature Film.
  • Best Experimental Short Film.

Basque Actors Association Jury:

  • Best Main Performance on a feature film.
  • Best Secondary Performance on a feature film.

Youth Jury:

  • Youth Award to the best Short film.

Diversity and Human Rights Jury:

  • Diversity and Human Rights Award (3000 Euros), sponsored by the Department for Social Action and Citizen’s Rights of Bizkaia Provincial Council, to the film which better treats the situation of human and social rights all around the world.

Lesbianism and Gender Jury:

  • Lesbianism and Gender Award (1500 Euros), sponsored by the Area of Equality, Cooperation, Diversity and Festivities of the Council of Bilbao, to the film which better treats the subject of lesbianism and gender.


  • All films which have an approach to sexual and gender diversity and LGTBQ+ families, which have been produced after January 1st, 2021 and never had been broadcasted or commercially released in Basque Country.
    theatrically within Basque Country (Spain).
  • Feature films: over 45 minutes
  • Short films: under 30 minutes
  • Film is to be submitted via festival online entry form or by e-mail (ZG18@zinegoak.com)

Subtitles: English or Spanish. 


Premiere Requirements

Regional premiere required.




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Dos de Mayo,
7 bajo izquierda
48003 Bilbao

Phone: +34 944 156 258

Email: info@hegoak.com

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    October 31, 2022
  • Event Dates
    27 February — 6 March 2023
Categories & Fees

Fiction or documentary films with a length of 30 minutes or less.

  • Deadline — free

longer than 45 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Longer than 45 minutes.

  • Deadline — free
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