Sevilla International Film Festival


Years running: 22 (since 2001)

Sevilla International Film Festival

International Film Festival in Sevilla.


The festival concentrates on European Cinema in general. It is rather small but has very attractive prices for those distributors bringing their films to the festival or picking up awarded films here. That is why most of the leading distributors use the festivals to launch their films here rather than in Valladolid, which is a more important festival but does not offer any financial support for the Spanish distributors.


  • Official Section. The GOLDEN GIRALDILLO to the best feature film is worth 20,000 Euros and is awarded to the film distributor in Spain. Also 15,000 Euro to be awarded to the film distributors in Spain;
  • SILVER GIRALDILLO is worth 10,000 euros, to be allocated to the owner distributor which entered the film in the competition. Additionally, an award worth 10,000 euros will be allocated to the distributor which acquires the commercial exhibition rights in Spain;
  • SPECIAL JURY Award. The jury for the Official Section can grant a Special Award to any competing film    within the section. The Awards for Best Direction, Best Script, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Cinematography of the films in the Official Section have also been established. These awards will have no monetary endowment;
  • The NEW WAVES Best Film Award is worth 10,000 Euros, to  be allocated to the company which entered the film in the competition. Additionally, an award worth 7,500 Euros will be allocated to the     distributor  which acquires the commercial exhibition rights in Spain. If the winner film has been entered  in the festival by a Spanish distributor in hold of the commercial exhibition rights, the total amount of the    section prize will be worth 15,000 Euros. In both cases, the commercial premiere in Spain must take place within the following twelve months from the closing of the festival;
  • The NEW WAVES Second Award is worth 5,000 Euros, to be allocated to the production or distribution    company which entered the film in the competition;
  • The NEW WAVES/NON_FICTION Award is worth 6,000 Euros, to be allocated to the production or distribution company which entered the film in the competition;
  • EFA – THE EUROPEAN SELECTION ‘14: GRAND AUDIENCE AWARD for the best film. This prize is worth 20,000 euros, to be allocated to the film’s distributor in Spain;
  • The Best Film Award of the RESISTANCES section is worth 6,000 Euros;
  • The GIRALDILLO JUNIOR Award for the Best Film of the EUROPA JUNIOR Section is worth 5,000 Euros, to  be allocated to the company which entered the film in the competition. Additionally, an  award     worth 6,000 Euros will be allocated to the distributor which acquires the commercial exhibition rights in Spain;
  • GRAND AUDIENCE AWARD for the Best Film of the EFA SELECTION 2015: This award is worth 20,000 Euros;
  • Eurimages. The EURIMAGES AWARD is worth 5,000 Euros and is awarded to the film distributor in Spain;
  • The ANDALUSIAN PANORAMA/SHORT_FILMS Award is worth 1.000 Euros, to be allocated to the person or production company which entered the winner short film in the competition;
  • the Best Fiction or Documentary Short Film Project, a 3,000 Euros prize.


  • The films screened in the country of origin after January 1st 2018;
  • They must not have been screened in Spain before.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Fill out entry form;
  • Send DVD with submitted film by mail or download work via Internet.

Subtitles language: English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Programming Manager — Mrs. Irene P. Stillman




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Seville European Film Festival
Departamento Programación
Teatro Alameda. C/ Crédito, 13. Seville, CP 41002. Spain

Phone: (+34) 955 47 31 99

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    September 01, 2019
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    8 — 16 November 2019
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