Years running: 16 (since 2005)

Rengo International Film Festival

International Film Festival.


Rengo International Film Festival offers to the filmmakers of Chile and foreigners, a space for dissemination, display and exchange of experiences and ideas, promoting audiovisual artistic quality. Provide to the community of Rengo, the sixth region and the country, an area of assessment, reflection and scattering around the cinema.


International feature film competition:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Best Feature Film Fiction International + 500 000 pesos;
  • RENKU FIGURINE TO Best Director International Fiction Feature;
  • RENKU FIGURINE TO Best International Feature Writing Fiction.

International competition short films:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Best International Short Film + 400 000 pesos; 
  • RENKU FIGURINE TO Best Director of International Short Film; 
  • RENKU FIGURINE TO Outstanding Writing for International Short Film.

International competition animation films for kids:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Best International Animation Film for Kids + 300 000 pesos 

National competition documentary:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Best National Documentary Work + 500 000 pesos.

National competition «FILM SCHOOL»:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Audience Award for Best Short Film National "Film School" + 250 000 pesos.

Regional competition micro short-circuits:

  • FIGURINE RENKU TO Best Play Regional micro short-circuits + 200,000 pesos.



  • Works in competition may have been made from 2015 to date and have not participated in any of the stages of pre-selection or selection earlier this contest.

For the stage of selection of the works, filmmakers can send their films in two ways:

  • Access the site register, upload your films and send them to FECIR.
  • Also send by Wetransfer or Dropbox to the email; .mov files (H.264) or .mpg, or Vimeo external link, etc. (Download) * They must send in the same download link, the attached registration form, which you can obtain through our page  

Selection Media Type: online

Screening Media Type: DVCAM, miniDV, AVI, MOV, MPG

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: Spanish

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Mr. Guillermo Pérez Gálvez
Director General
10th Rengo International Film Festival 2014
I. Municipality of Rengo, Urriola # 26
Rengo Commune
O'Higgins Region. CHILE.
Postal Code: 2940674

Phone: +56 - 9 89837653 

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Deadline
    September 29, 2017
  • Event dates
    30 October — 4 November 2017
Categories & Fees

Maximum duration of 30 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Maximum of 120 minutes

  • Deadline — free

Maximum duration of 100 minutes.

  • Deadline — free
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