Years running: 12 (since 2008)

Naples Human Rights Film Festival

International Human Rights Film Festival.


Starting from a modern and current version of individual rights, from the several cases of obstruction, limitation of their respect and their claim, Naples Human Rights Film Festival wants to give voice and prominence to works that take inspiration from the struggles for freedom and democracy existing all over the world and resistance against the abuses of states and lobbies on behalf of the dignity and equality of humankind, in respect for the memory and identity of each person, so that you can hear the voices of discrimination, victims and those who are deprived of their liberty and minimum living conditions to be defined human.

The Festival also aims to address all those movies dedicated to issues of global and local problems, social, cultural, economic and environmental, which, in special form, try to describe fragments of the contemporary world in order to promote knowledge and information, essential tools for the education of a critical consciousness especially among the younger generations.


The film competition of the 6th International Film Festival of Human Rights of Naples is divided into two sections:

  • HUMAN RIGHTS DOC open to documentaries, more than 30 minutes long, focused on research, analysis, and understanding of the phenomena of social situations tied to the theme of Human Rights in all their possible variations all over the world;
  • HUMAN RIGHTS SHORT open to short films of less than 30 minutes, with no distinction between fiction, documentary and animation, capable of dealing with form and language features, topics and issues related to the sphere of human rights, as an individual and as part of a community, according to the thematic lines mentioned above.


  • Jury awards for each of the winning works of two sections
  • Honorable Mention “Napoli” for the work that can better describe the social situation of the City of Naples, through characters and stories offering issues for discussing about defense, protection and promotion of the rights of individuals and community.
  • Special Mention of the Internal Committee dedicated to the memory of Vittorio Arrigoni and Juliano Mer Khamis
  • Young Jury Mention 
  • The association “Cinema e Diritti” association “Cinema e Diritti” for the winners of the two official sections (“Human Rights Doc” and “Human Rights Short“): a contribution of € 750 to be consumed in the form of airfare, to allow participation at the Film Festival Human Rights in Buenos Aires in 2014.


The four sections of the Festival call will accept works of author/s regularly delivered WITHIN AND NOT BEYOND July 31st, 2018, produced starting from December 1st, 2016

As works will be uploaded to the FILMFREEWAY platform authors will also supply:

  • full-length film with subtitles in Italian or English;
  • declaration / disclaimer downloaded from the website and duly signed;
  • trailer of the work (of a maximum duration of 1 min.);
  • complete technical file, synopsis, with guide notes and appropriate information documentation;
  • curriculum and filmography of the author/s;
  • a photo of the author/s and two photos of the work, in high resolution jpg or png format;
  • regulation of the competition notice signed by the author for acceptance;
  • secure references for the postal, e-mail and telephone contacts of the author/s and/or the person in charge of the application.

Audio language: original

Subtitles language: Italian or English

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening date
    June 16, 2018
  • Deadline
    July 31, 2018
  • Notifications
    October 10, 2018
  • Event dates
    1 — 30 November 2018
Categories & Fees

Films up to 52 minutes.

  • Deadline — $10

Films for audience of 0-14 years old.

  • Deadline — $10
  • Deadline — $10

Films up to 52 minutes.

  • Deadline — $10
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