Mobile Filmmaker's International Fest


Years running: 5 (since 2019)

Mobile Filmmaker's International Fest

Mobile Film Festival with Live Screenings


Mobile filmmaking is a space that ideologically connects such cult producers as Steven Soderbergh, Michel Gondry, Zack Snyder, Pak Chan Yuk and Jafar Panahi with thousands of other less well-known authors from all over the world.

Why our Fest?

Mobile film is unique in the way it’s accessible to everyone. You can always find a smartphone in your pocket, and there are no restrictions on resources or budget.
Perhaps the main feature of mobile film is the true author’s view and the unlimited possibilities for creative realisation.
In most cases, a mobile film creator has to combine the roles of screenwriter, director, cameraman, film editor, and even actor.
To emphasize this in the framework of the festival, we don’t distinguish films, videos or blogs, but the authorship, and we award the Mobile Filmmaker of the Year prize in each nomination.

What should you submit?

Mobile film, in our opinion, is not just about replacing a large industrial cinema standard camera with a small mobile phone one. The main purpose of existence of mobile film and other types of mobile content is the ability to research a new modern visual language, new stories, personalities, events, which are simply impossible to capture with large cameras.
Therefore, we will highly value works that fit into and develop this very approach to mobile film.


We award the Mobile Filmmaker of the Year prize in each nomination:

Best Mobile Filmmaker — Feature Short (fiction / web-series).
Best Mobile Filmmaker — Doc & MoJo (documentary / mobile journalist )
Best Mobile Filmmaker — Music Video (music clips )

Best Mobile Filmmaker in Russia


01. Entrants must be human beings of 18 years or more. That is all we ask for. We don’t wish to limit artists/entrants/participants based on their income level, disabilities, race, ethnicity, gender or anything else.

02. Movies can be recorded with smartphone or tablet only, a maximum 10% of total duration can be used for drone or action-camera footage. All other production equipment like lights, cranes, dollies, etc. is allowed.

03. Films must be cinematic in nature. Good quality and full 1080p high definition, and look good on a big screen.
Approved formats: mp4 (h264), mov, wmv, avi, mkv

04. The film may originate from anywhere in the world, no premier status requirement.

05. The entrant can send one or more videos by completing a new registration form for each video, that will be regarded as one separate entry.

06. The minimum duration is 1 minute and the maximum is 60 minutes.

07. Authors can use post-production software for visual or sound effects.

08. The films can be of different kinds.
* for more detailed information about all the nominations check our website

10. All films must have english subtitles.

12. All entries must be unique.
The authors of the videos should be the only holders of the rights of the submitted videos and must not infringe the copyright or other authors’ rights. We cannot accept any third-party music, images and photos or graphics in submitted videos.

Here is some info to research using music in your films to ensure proper licensing. This is not the only resource but a good start., new 2018 copyright law and ascap.

13. Winners in each category will be awarded prizes at the end of the competition.

14. The authors assume full responsibility for the submitted videos.

15. Forwarding expenses incurred are to be paid by the film producers/directors.

16. The authors consent to the use of their films or clips for display.

By submitting the film authors authorize Mobile Filmmaker’s International Fest and its partners to use their full movie or excerpts from it for display, presentation, dissemination and promotion via web, television, in-person presentations and other means.

17. Any invalid registration (incomplete, incorrect, etc.), or one violating public legislation or moral standards, or one validated after the festival’s deadline, will not be considered, and any incorrect or incomplete identity or details will lead to the immediate elimination of the entrant.

18. The festival’s organisers are not responsible for issues not covered by these regulations.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

Юлия Меламед (Россия) - режиссер - документалист, журналист и публицист. Победитель New York International Independent Film & Video Festival 

Боб Фиц (Ирландия) - создатель первого ирландского фестиваля мобильного кино Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

Хои Вонг (Гонконг) - режиссер, победитель прошлогоднего Международного Фестиваля мобильного кино (MFIF 2019)





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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    June 01, 2023
  • Earlybird Deadline
    January 07, 2024
  • Late Deadline
    February 03, 2024
  • Regular Deadline
    March 02, 2024
  • Notifications
    March 25, 2024
  • Event Dates
    12 April 2024
Categories & Fees
  • Earlybird Deadline — $5
  • Late Deadline — $10
  • Regular Deadline — $8
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