Japan Media Arts Festival


Years running: 28 (since 1997)

Japan Media Arts Festival

Japan Media Arts Festival.


The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts (=Media Geijyutsu) that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media- from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works. Since its inception in 1997, the festival has recognized significant works of high artistry and creativity, and in addition to a yearly Exhibition of Award-winning Works has held other events, such as symposiums, screenings, and showcases. Last year the 15th Festival received a record 2,714 entries from 57 countries and regions around the world, demonstrating its continuing evolution as an established annual international festival. Award-winning works are exhibited both within Japan and abroad through various projects and events organized by The Agency of Cultural Affairs which aims to promote the creation, development and understanding/awareness/appreciation of Media Arts.


  • Art Division: Interactive art, media installations, video works, digital photographs, graphic art, web-based works, media performances, etc.;
  • Entertainment Division: Games (video games, online games, etc.), video works (music videos, advertising films, computerized special effects videos, etc.), gadgets (including figurines), websites (including advertisements), application software, etc.;
  • Animation Division: Animated feature films, animated short films, animated TV series, animated series or films released in home-video formats, etc.;
  • Manga Division: Comics published in book form, comics published in a magazine (including works still being serialized), comics published online (for computer or mobile), self-published comics, etc.


  • Grand Prize: Trophy; 1000 000 Japanese Yen. 
  • Excellence Award: Trophy; 500 000 Japanese Yen. 
  • New Face Award: Trophy; 300 000 Japanese Yen. 
  • Special Achievement Award: Trophy.


Works must be completed or released between October 5, 2020 and September 3, 2021.

While an unlimited number of entries may be made, the same work may not be entered in multiple divisions.

Documents and Other Requisite Items

  • Registration - Online registration only,
  • Submission of Work and/or Reference Materials - Submission online or by post.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement




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Japan Media Arts Festival Submission Receptionist
c/o Nikko Graphic Arts Co. Ltd
12-2 Ryutsu Center, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka city
Shizuoka, Japan

Phone: +81-54-263-2925
Email: jmaf@cgarts.or.jp

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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening Date
    July 01, 2021
  • Deadline
    September 03, 2021
  • Event Dates
    23 September — 3 October 2021
Categories & Fees

Music videos, independent and advertising videos, etc.

  • Deadline — free
  • Deadline — free
  • Deadline — free
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