Jenny’s Magic Shop


2023 | Анимация | 7 мин. | О.А.Э. | 6+

Jenny and her best friend Blam the Teddy Bear run a magic shop in the town of Dreamville, where everybody can come for magical help. The residents of Dreamville always leave the shop thanking Jenny, but actually, they set the stage for their own miracles, leaving behind in the shop whatever is keeping them from living life and making decisions. After all, the ability to change yourself is the truest form of magic. Jenny and Blam never refuse to help anyone, but it often happens that they’re the ones who need help, since Jenny’s still a kid and Blam’s an eccentric teddy bear.

Режиссер: Tatiana Mosh

Продюсеры: O’Roy, Ingam Ali, Amira Bagira и Zafar Al Barrak

В ролях: Justin Krawczyk, Jen Lawson, Liana Bdewi, Caroly Larson и Eva Riz

Студии: JMS Animation FZCO и Toonz Media Group