Limits of Vision

2022 | Анимация | 35 мин. | США

The Limits of Vision is a period piece featuring a "mad" housewife, Marcia, a twenty-something South Londonite, whose whimsical notions about dust and dirt take a dark turn when she hosts coffee morning. It's a story about art, metaphysics, obsessive compulsion and second wave feminism. Told through a fascinating character, an ingenious but profoundly conflicted individual, who comes unstuck amid the transformation of gender rules in 1970s suburban London. With cameo appearances by Charles Darwin, Pieter De Hooch and Pierrie Tielhard De Chardin.

Заявление режиссера

I wanted to investigate the state of mind of women in the early seventies, when they were entering the work force in classically male domains. I was already in the process of adapting The Limits of Vision, written by Robert Irwin, during the 2016 election. Struck by the backlash against Hilary Clinton, I recommitted to the project and tried to view it through the lens of our current ambivalence about white feminism. I was also intrigued by the book’s subtext of mortality and the metaphysics of non-attachment, with dirt and dust the visible signs of our inevitable decay. To me, it spoke to our current preoccupation with purity especially post Covid. Written in 1985, it is fascinating to see how applicable it is today. Because Irwin does such a good job creating a sympathetic character in the housewife Marcia, he makes the case for empathetic forays into otherness.

Режиссер: Laura Harrison

Продюсер: Eugene Sun Park

В ролях: Gregory Hollimon и Sarah Farinha