Director Andrey Berchenko
Scriptwriter Dmitriy Gnedich
Producer Andrey Burilichev
Producer Natalya Aleksandrova
Cinematographer / DP Mikhail Veytsenfeld
Editor Andrey Berchenko
Sound Designer Aleksandra Kanapina

Andrey Berchenko



He has two higher education already: Computer Science and Management. He will finish his studying as Film Director in the Moscow Institute of TV and Broadcasting (class of Vladimir Alexandrovich Grammatikov) soon.

Directors statement

The reason of choosing the topic is its incredible up to date relevance. Risen level of aggression in the society catastrophically decreased the screen, which keeps a person from a condition of losing his self-control, when inner power seizes the mind. I’ve made a film – warning about unpredictability of consequences of decisions made in the heat of passion, when a person ceases to be aware of what is happening around him.