Director Anastasia Chernova
Scriptwriter Maria Parfenova
Scriptwriter Evgeny Golovin
Producer Evgeny Golovin
Producer Tatiana Tsyvareva
Producer Anton Smetankin
Art director Tatiyana Petrovska
Art director Andrey Osadchikh
Composer Sergey Bogolyubskiy
Composer Daria Stavrovich
Animator Igor Malkov
Animator Anastasia Chernova
Sound Designer Innokenty Sedov
Sound Designer Alexander Silkin


Miroslava Karpovich
Polina Kutepova
Olga Kuzmina

Anastasia Chernova



In 2015 graduated from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography with a degree in Directing of Animated Films, workshop of N.V. Orlova. The films "451 °", "Petya and Yeti" and "Nightingale and Rose" have taken part in many Russian and international festivals. In 2014, she worked as a director and storyboarder at the “Coolfriends Studio” ( the animation studio in China), where she worked on various animated series for children and short animated cartoons. Since 2015 she worked as a episodic director and the leader of 2D animation of the animated series “Fantasy Patrol” at the “Parovoz Animation Studio”. In 2018 at the “Animos” studio she made her own animated film "Good or Bad." Since 2017 –she is the director of the animation series "Fantasy Patrol".


2018- “Good or Bad”, 8 min, animated film 2015- “Nightingale and Rose” 7 min, animated film 2014- “Petya and Yeti” 3 min, animated film 2012- “451 °” 7 min, animated film