Director Andrey Korytko
Scriptwriter Irina Korytko
Scriptwriter Andrey Korytko
Producer Vladimir Komarov
Cinematographer / DP Alexey Yankov
Art director Ekaterina Korneeva
Composer Gleb Bondarenko
Editor Igor Vandik
Sound Designer Gleb Bondarenko
Sound Designer Nikita Alekseenko
Sound Designer Ivan Erofeev
Sound Designer Egor Ananko


VIktoria Sid
Anastasiya Shulzhenko
Olga Zink
Natalia Chumburidze
Vyacheslav Midonov
Sergey Legostaev
Polina Korytko
Ivan Paradis

Andrey Korytko



Andrew Korytko was born on 8 July 1987 in the village of Aleksandrovskoye, Stavropol Krai. At the age of 6 years first saw the movie "Terminator", then decided to become a film Director. Sculpted from clay the actors, the camera and filmed their movies while in the imagination. In 2005 he graduated from Stavropol College of arts, majoring in Director of theatrical performances. In the first year of his mother gave him a digital camera SONY, which were filmed his student films that were shown in the city's cinema. In 2011 he moved to Moscow. In 2013, he met with producer Vladimir Komarov and gets a full-time Director in the Studio MAGIC PRODUCTION. In 2014 Andrey on the basis of MAGIC PRODUCTION is shooting a new short film "Freedom"


“Freedom” 2014 “Yards” 2017 Documentary