Director Ilya Belov
Scriptwriter Ilya Belov
Scriptwriter Nico Cartosio
Producer Nico Cartosio
Producer Irina Potemkina
Cinematographer / DP Ivan Lebedev
Art director Vlad Shmelev
Composer Nico Cartosio
Editor Ivan Udin
Sound Designer Ilya Chicherin

Ilya Belov



Hello, my name is Ilya Belov. I came from Vladivostok, it is a pirate's harbor in the eastern coast of Russia. At birth, children in our city receive a seagull a boat. I ate my seagull at 14, so hungry I was. At 17 I jumped into my boat and set my route to Moscow. Having crossed 9 seas, I ended up in the capital. I had to rob 34 caravans of gold and brocade to make my grandfather proud of me. I love vodka, the smell of the sea, my wife and writing stories. P. S. If I have robbed your caravan - my apologises.