Delusion by Natalia Korzanova awarded on VGIK festival

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Delusion by Natalia Korzanova awarded on VGIK festival

November 29, 2013


The short movie «Delusion» directed by Natalia Korzanova has been awarded as The Best Animated Movie.

Innovative standout creative approach has been also mentioned as an element that pulls through the genre limitations and builds up a multi media piece of art.

33rd International Film Festival VGIK took place in November 2013 and selected the best students movies from all over the world.

A festival statuette is Dziga Vertov’s Cameraman, the character of the renowned avantgarde movie from the 1920s, that invokes to encourage out of a box thinking and bold audio-visual experiments. And Natalia Korzanova truly possesses those traits.


морок взял приз во вгике

VGIK's diploma and statue

Black and white Crimean steppe landscapes, shot on digital camera, were transformed into multi layered textures with animated elements whimsically composed and edited in order to represent characters inner mind. The characters are dissolved in limitless nature then revealed through the nature images that let to eradicate the boundaries between reality, imagination and memories.


delusion poster


7 min, animation, Russia, 2013

Director Natalia Korzanova






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