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Usefully quarantine your child: festival shows and educational programs for children during self-isolation
At a time when parents work at home, the opportunity to entertain their children with something interesting and informative is invaluable. Right now, many festivals, platforms, educational resources offer a lot of content for young viewers, which makes it possible to make the time spent in front of the monitor useful and not boring.

Tacorama International Film Festival

Internet festival for children around the world, offering 5 programs of 3 animated films for children from 3 to 17 years. On the festival website there is an opportunity to choose a language, although the stories told by the language of animation are understandable without translation. You can watch programs not only in the family circle, but also in school lessons during classes, and participate in voting for your favorite cartoon.

Dates: indefinitely
Cost: free


The festival will be held online from June 15 to 30, presenting the traditional children's competition program. This year, it included 2 animated films from Russia: “Bird Girl” by Ekaterina Nesterova and “Warm Star” by Anna Kuzina.

Dates: June 15 - 30
Cost: 15 USD for viewers / 110 USD for professionals
How to watch: Professionals can already get accreditation by clicking on the Watch program button. On the festival website you will need to click on the button Get your accreditation and pay for the purchase with a card. After that, you will receive information in the mail about how access to views will be provided.
Viewers will be able to get accreditation in the same way, but a little later. Sale is not open yet.

Big cartoon festival

The largest international festival of animation in Russia has posted freely several collections of cartoons by Russian and foreign authors who have participated in the festival in recent years. There you can find Chekhov’s cartoons, and Royal Stories, cartoons about Sherlock Holmes, astronauts, spies, and more than a hundred animated films. They are all with English subtitles.

Dates: indefinitely
Cost: free

Vancouver International Children’s Festival

Vancouver International Children's Festival is hosting its first Kids Fest Pop Up online festival! In addition to shows, the organizers promise master classes, theatrical shows and games. Broadcasts will be held on the festival page on Facebook, the schedule can be found here.

Dates: May 26–31
Cost: free
Already passed:
The program of the festival of films for children includes 60 animated, feature and documentary films from 27 countries. They all talk about childhood experiences.
The shows are accompanied by discussions, workshops for children and games.

Dates: May 13-17
Cost: 30 USD - ticket for 1 viewer / 60 USD - group membership
How to watch: By clicking on the Watch program button, you will be taken to the first page of the festival website, where you will see the Get Festival Pass button (buy a ticket). You can pay by card. In the letter that will be sent to you by e-mail, there will be a username and password for access to view.
The oldest avant-garde, innovative short film festival, held online from May 13 to 18, has put together a competition program for children: Children's and Youth Film Competition. Since 1978, she has become one of the most popular at the festival, not only among young spectators. About 45 animated films from more than 25 countries are arranged in several sections corresponding to age groups. You can watch the program by subscribing to festival shows - and this is more than 350 films.

Dates: May 13 - 18
Cost: 9.99 EUR for the entire festival subscription
How to watch: By clicking on the Watch program button, you will be taken to the festival website where you will need to register by entering your email address in the Email adress field and clicking on Start now. You will receive an email with a link to a simple registration form that you will need to fill out, and then pay for the ticket through PayPal. Username and password will be sent to the mail to access viewing.
This year's festival of television and media resources for children will be held online. In addition to television programs, it will be possible to see presentations of sites, services, games, e-books and mobile applications for children from 2 to 15 years.

Dates: June 5 - 11
Cost: Free
How to watch: By clicking on the Watch program button, you will be taken to the festival website, where until May 20 you will need to fill out the Registration for participation in streaming sessions. The organizers will additionally inform you of how the views will be held by writing to your email.
Bonus: Fairytales At Home — beloved filmmakers from different countries read fairy tales and sing lullabies in their native languages.
Бонус: Russian VR Seasons Initiative curator, VRability creative director and director Georgy Molodtsov made a selection of VR films created specifically for children. Ideally, you need virtual reality glasses for viewing, but if you don’t have them yet, you can use the Youtube VR tools and rotate the image with arrows.


«Cinema» is an online arthouse theater showing films that have been screened and awarded at film festivals and are available online and free of charge.

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April 30, 2020
Text: Alexandra Filatova