Golden Peak


Years running: 13 (since 2010)

Golden Peak

International festival of tourist and sports films.


The ceremony of awarding the winners of the film Festival "Golden Peak "will be held on November 21, 2018 at 17-00 in the cinema center" Rodina " at St. Petersburg, Karavannaya street, 12.

International festival of tourist and sports films "GOLDEN PEAK" showcases the best works created by cinematographers of Russia, Spain, Greece, Maldives, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia and other countries, as well as the best of the international film festivals on relevant topics.

The Ceremony will be unique ensemble "KONEVETS QUARTET", which took part in leading international festivals in Russia, great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Ireland and Scandinavia. 

The festival is unique in its kind project, both professional and Amateur, covering dozens of countries and cities. Life without traveling, new experiences, nature and sports is unthinkable, knowledge of the world becomes the stimulus to a healthy and vibrant life. Cinema in all its diversity becomes the main helper, friend and companion of travelers. 

At the film Festival "GOLDEN PEAK" viewers will be able to experience a variety of emotions, seeing many countries and cities with their characteristics, history and culture, remote places of the planet, which still manages to get the filmmakers!


GRAND Prix "GOLDEN PEAK" is given to the best film regardless of category.

Prize "GOLDEN PEAK" will be awarded to the best films in all categories.

Each participant of the Festival "GOLDEN PEAK" is given a memorable diploma.

Additionally, the nominees are awarded prizes by Partners of the Festival.



  • To participate in the Festival open for professional, Amateur and student films devoted to tourism, science, nature, sports, unique travel, cultural and historical objects of Saint Petersburg, Russia and foreign countries.
  • All the films participating in the Festival must be manufactured after January 1, 2019.

Competitive nominations and the duration of the movie:

  • Tourism is a 13 minutes 
  • Unique tourist destination – over 13 minutes
  • Sports – 13 minutes
  • Artkino – 13 minutes
  • Animated film – 13 minutes
  • Feature film – 13 minutes
  • Clip (music video) – no more than 5 minutes
  • Film and video travelers – no more than 5 minutes
  • One-minute film (free form) – 1 minute
  • Best children's film – 13 minutes, 11.
  • Best film in the field of diplomatic relations – no more than 13 minutes
  • Best promotional video of international film festival "GOLDEN PEAK" in the Internet – no more than 30 seconds

Films can be submitted in the following genres:

  • Documentary film – 26 minutes (for TV channels)
  • Journalistic film – 26 minutes (for TV channels)
  • Animated film – 13 minutes
  • Feature film – 13 minutes
  • Clip (music video) – no more than 5 minutes
  • One-minute film / music video (free form) – 1 minute

Special screening: Presentation of National tourist committees, regions and cities in the Hotel business Movies, the duration of which exceeds the specified position in the duration, by decision of the Committee may be included in a special screening.

Premiere Requirements

No premiere requirement

Jury and Organizers

The jury consists of experts in the field of cinema, television, tourism, sports, marketing, distribution, PR-technologies and advertising, film critics and producers.

Film festival "GOLDEN PEAK" is held with the support of the Committee for tourism development of St. Petersburg, Committee for physical culture and sports of St. Petersburg, Committee
for culture of St. Petersburg.

The organizer of the film Festival "GOLDEN PEAK" is the film "FARAOH".



Saint Petersburg

Official Website


General Director and producer: 
Irina Arkhipova:
+7 (812) 937-37-87

Organizing Committee: 
+7 (812) 944-40-37


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