Years running: 2 (since 2019)

ECG Film Festival

First Eurasaian ECG Film Festival in London


ECG Film Festival (Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival) is a platform for the development of cinema of the Eurasian region. The aim of the festival is to promote Eurasian cinema in the English-speaking space and to acquaint Eurasian representatives of the film industry with professionals from all over the world. To acquaint the world with the works that personify the connection of the Eurasian countries and peoples. Show opportunities for collaboration, joint development and growth.

In 2019, the ECG Film Festival will be held in London as part of the British Romford Film Festival.

Film festival in London as a platform was not chosen by chance, as many world film studios use the UK for filming and editing world-class blockbusters.

Romford Film Festival is a stable, well-established festival that is attended by a large number of experts and residents of London, this association is the surest solution for attracting the maximum amount of attention of the press, viewers and experts to the Eurasian cinema.

The festival will feature such works as: feature films, short films, animated films, documentaries, book trailers and screenplays.

For many years, the Eurasian Creative Guild has supported and promoted filmmakers as part of Open Eurasia contest. Where the “videofilm” category has been awarded the Nemat Kelimbetov Prize for best film based on literary works. Now time has come for a standout film festival promoting the Eurasia film industry, exemplify their talents and their works throughout the world!


  • Grand Prix 
  • Best Eurasian short film 
  • Best Eurasian animated film 
  • Best Eurasian documentary film 
  • Best Eurasian book trailer 
  • Best Eurasian Director 
  • Best Eurasian Screenplay 
  • Best Eurasian Actress 
  • Best Eurasian ActorRules & Terms


Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before submitting your film: 
The ECG Film Festival accepts all UK and European and Asian films irrespective of length or genre. This includes, but is not limited to: fiction, documentary and short films 

Feature submissions must not have previously been released in the UK on any format. 

Whilst the ECG Film Festival does not have a specific premiere restriction on submissions, premiere status will be a factor in decisions taken by the programming team, and may comprise a specific condition of an invitation to screen at the festival.

The festival participant must be a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild. For those who are not, we have allocated a separate category “Competitor” for free. A Guild member in this category can participate in a film festival, receive a Guild member certificate, can use the Guild logo and participate in Guild meetings, but cannot use the Guild services specified in paragraph 4.5 of the guild constitution.

To become a member of the Guild,

The festival charges fees for its film submissions.

Please note that all shipping and postage costs to and from the festival must be borne by the submitting party, including those for the film selection package for all additional materials sent to and returned from Eurasian Film Festival.

All applications submitted earlier will be considered. 

Premiere Requirements

World premiere required.



United Kingdom

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Whatsapp: +7002605024


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Dates & Deadlines
  • Opening date
    December 26, 2019
  • Earlybird Deadline
    March 01, 2020
  • Regular Deadline
    March 21, 2020
  • Notifications
    April 05, 2020
  • Event dates
    6 — 10 June 2020
Categories & Fees

фильмы от 21 до 49 минут

  • Earlybird Deadline — $13
  • Regular Deadline — $20
  • Earlybird Deadline — $13
  • Regular Deadline — $20
  • Earlybird Deadline — $20
  • Regular Deadline — $27
  • Earlybird Deadline — $20
  • Regular Deadline — $27
  • Earlybird Deadline — $20
  • Regular Deadline — $27
  • Earlybird Deadline — $14
  • Regular Deadline — $27
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